Re-released by Pioneer on the Summer Solstice, 2010

The Unfolding Self

Varieties of Transformative Experience

By Ralph Metzner Ph.D

“...I am now into it entirely, with real enthusiasm and appreciation. You have pulled the whole thing together in a truly illuminated and illuminating way.”

                                                            - Joseph Campell


“A classic in understanding turning points in the spiritual journey” 

                                                             - Angeles Arrien, Ph.D.

A classic and perennially relevant book, written by one of the world’s foremost authorities in the field,

The Unfolding Self

Varieties of

Transformative Experience

The Unfolding Self examines in detail the transformations which an individual undergoes in the process of their expansion of consciousness. Referencing ancient and modern cultures from around the world, Dr. Metzner accomplishes what only a great teacher can do; conveying subtle concepts and fascinating breadth through an engrossing tapestry of myth, allegory, cross-references and historical context.

    Drawing upon 50 years as a pioneer in the study of consciousness, beginning with his triune collaborations with Dr.’s Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert at Harvard University in the early 1960’s, Dr. Metzner brings unique experience and sagacity to this most important of inquiries.

   Now required reading in a number of progressive psychology courses, The Unfolding Self promises to provide its reader with valuable tools to become ”wise, impartial judges“ in their process of transformation into a more integrated and fulfilled person.